Q&A with Dr. Gary - Bryanna Jay

Bryanna Jay

Bryanna Jay - Senior, Women's Volleyball RS, Biology major

Q & A with Dr. Gary-11/13/15

Q: What is your favorite class experience/ professor experience at Witt?

A: Such a hard question with so many great classes and professors here at Witt... if I had to choose I would say my experience with Dr. Collier has been fantastic.  He not only is the pre-health adviser but an avid volleyball supporter.  It is really special to have someone who has helped my through my med-school applications and is up to date with the volleyball schedule. 


Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt?

A: Last season when we hosted the regional tournament.  It was such an amazing experience to have that type of crowd and so much support from the Wittenberg community.


Q: Why do you enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger?

A: I love being a Tiger because every day I walk into the gym with my team with the goal of winning a championship and I am surrounded by people with similar goals.


Q: To you, what does it mean to Tiger Up?

A: To Tiger Up means to dig a little deeper and find that extra energy and part of yourself that you can use to keep fighting and push through your obstacle. 


Q: What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your sport that is applicable to life?

A: That it is through our losses, not our wins, that we learn the most about ourselves.  You have to lose in order to grow.


Q: What do you see yourself doing after Witt?

A: I am currently applying to medical school so I see myself continuing my education in order to serve people through the field of medicine.

Compiled By: Carley Sullivan '16, Senior Woman Administrator Student Assistant