From the Coach's Desk...

soccer ball

I’d like to extend a warm Wittenberg University men's soccer welcome!

The student-athletes in the Tiger men's soccer program consistently work to succeed both in the classroom and on the field. I am so proud of the achievements of our team, including five NCAA Division III Tournaments appearances since 1993, and I am deeply grateful for the investments made in our program by our alumni and friends throughout the country.

By giving to the Wittenberg men's soccer program through the Tiger Club, you help to cover ever-increasing costs associated with uniforms, transportation, equipment, food and lodging. This ensures that we provide the best possible collegiate experience for our student-athletes year after year.

Please consider making a contribution to the Wittenberg men's soccer program to provide the financial support needed to continue our success on the field, in the classroom and in our efforts to prepare these young men for life beyond Wittenberg.

We look forward to seeing you again on campus in the very near future!

Tiger Up!

Dwight Burgess