Wittenberg Athletics Celebrates Black History Month


Please provide a short bio about yourself. Including the years you attended Wittenberg, your major/minors, the sports you played, the athletic accomplishments you achieved, and any other information about your Wittenberg athletic career you would like to share. 

I was born in Dayton OH, adopted at birth and moved to Columbus. I lived there in a poor suburb and was the free lunch statistic raised by his grandmother because his mother worked 2-4 jobs at a time and father visited every other weekend. I went to Wittenberg to get an education, play football and run track, and be close enough to home to get back for emergencies yet far enough away to escape my past. I was at Wittenberg between 2000 to 2004, I was a double major in both Economics and Business, and wanted to go to law school, big mistake. I went to UC for JD/MBA, the JD piece was not my calling, but I loved business. So, I finished the MBA, and did only 1 year of JD before getting into a management program at National City in 2006.

In football, I was an Academic All-American. In track, I was also an Academic All-American, but also won the NCAA in 2003, and finished second a few times. My claim to fame was breaking Dwight Carter's 110 High Hurdles record in the 2003 season. He's a great man to measure yourself against. 

Why did you choose Wittenberg? What stood out as Wittenberg being the special place you decided to pursue athletics and a degree?

I initially committed to UD, but they don't give freshmen the opportunity to play football. So, I called back the Witt coaches and recanted. I liked that when I spoke to people about Witt, they all knew someone that went there and said something like, "Man, that's a great school..." Also, in high school, our football team always had great players, but could not put it together and finished with terrible records. I wanted to go to Witt to be a part of something special and win championships. 

Who was your greatest campus mentor?

My greatest campus mentor had to be Coach Wallace, my track coach. I have never met a guy that had so much to give, but wasn't pushy about it. He taught me about life, family, hard work, and every once in a while, he threw in some great information about hurdles. I have to say; Coach Robinson was right behind him though. Both were instrumental in my development because they gave enough freedom to me that I could be myself, but shaped it up with some great track and life skills. Love and miss those guys.

I can't forget Coach Ewald though. That guy showed me how to attack every day with enthusiasm and to never put anything before family and God. 

What was your greatest accomplishment at Wittenberg?

First, never giving up on a dream & realizing I'm worthy. In looking for the right grad school, I reached out to someone going to undergrad at UK because I was accepted to their JD/MBA program. I never gave up on that relationship and I never will. That person is my wife now, and she's the strength and inspiration in everything I do.

Second, Graduating. I was the first in my family to go to college, let alone graduate. It was nice to come out Magna Cum Laude, win a few NCAC football and track championships, and even being a national champion, too. 

The Wittenberg motto is, "Having light we pass it on to others."  How have you passed your light on to others?

I'm still working on this, and will for the rest of my life. I'm involved at church (OneChurch Columbus), I help make blankets for foster kids at My Very Own Blanket, I help feed the homeless in a few different capacities, etc. But, my greatest memoirs hopefully will be written in how I raise and am remembered by my children (Madison 5, Kennedy 2). Growing up with almost nothing, I want to give them a life I only dreamed of, including meeting all of their needs, most of their wants, and making sure they never go a day without knowing their parents love them more than anything and will support them in all they do.

Please provide a short statement of what you are currently doing.

I managed bank branches until 2014, when I took over regional manager duties in banking, managing 14-27 branches at a time. Last year, I started my own Allstate Insurance agency and am currently an agent. I live in Westerville, OH with my wife and two daughters, my wife teaches kindergarten in Westerville, and we are just living it up. My wife and I do CrossFit together and I balance that out with triathlons to stay somewhat lean; I completed my first Ironman last year!


Compiled by: Ray Delgado '18