Q & A with Dr. Gary, Featuring Thomas Fuss, Men's Lacrosse

Thomas Fuss ’16, Lacrosse, Sociology Major


Q: What is your favorite class experience/ professor experience at Wittenberg?

A: My favorite class experience at Wittenberg was senior thesis with Dr. Wagner. Senior thesis is a tough course that combined everything I learned and worked toward into a paper that I would present at the end of the semester. Dr. Wagner is a brilliant and hard-working professor who does not stop making you think. Teaching the class is a challenge because every student has a different topic, which requires a different understanding. The class was challenging, but she was there every step of the way. Overall I believe this course was fundamental and a great experience during my time at Wittenberg. 


Q: Why do you enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger?

A: I enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger because we have the honor to play at a special school. Coaches, players, athletic staff, and professors comment on my performance as well as the team’s performance. It's a great feeling knowing that many people watch games and follow our sports team as much as they do.


Q: To you, what does it mean to Tiger Up?

A: Tiger Up means to come together and give 100 percent effort. Although we have a diverse campus with many sports, hearing Tiger Up brings us together because it has a common understanding and value among students and alumni. 


Q: What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your sport that is applicable to life?

A: I think the most valuable thing I have learned through my sport is the understanding and applying the ability to bounce back. Before lacing my cleats and stepping onto the field I know I won't make every pass or score every shot I take. As I have progressed my career I had to acknowledge that fact and that same idea has translated into school as well. It is my ability to bounce back positively after a bad test, practice, or game. 


Q: What do you see yourself doing after Witt?

A: Fortunately, I have a position at Amazon after graduating from Wittenberg. I believe not only my courses, but the lessons I have learned on the field have put me on this path. If possible, I want to continue working with student athletes and coach while operating a business one day.


Q: After your time at Wittenberg, how will you pass the light on to others?

A: I will pass the light on to others by not only striving to do my best, but give the best version of myself to others. Often times we hold back, because the other person is not giving 100 percent effort. If both parties give 100 percent effort all the time the bar can only be raised and goals can be achieved. My goal is to light the path of another and create a desire in them to be perform to the best of their abilities. 



Compiled By: Carley Sullivan '16Senior Woman Administrator Student Assistant