Q & A with Dr. Gary, featuring Jordan Crow, Women's Track and Field
Jan 29, 2016

Q & A with Dr. Gary

Jordan Crow 16, Women's Track & Field, Sport Management & Business

Q: What is your favorite class experience/ professor experience at Wittenberg?

A: My favorite professor at Wittenberg is Dr. Bode. Dr. Bode's marketing classes are always very interactive, he allows time in each class for us to discuss chosen marketing topics, and always relates what we are doing to real life situations.

Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt?

A: My most memorable sports moment at Witt would be the NCAA outdoor conference championship my freshman year. I was ranked 8th in the 400 meter hurdles and 8th in the 100 meter hurdles in the conference. At the finals I ended up finishing 6th in the 100 meter hurdles and 1st in the 400 meter hurdles and became a conference champion as a freshman. It was a huge accomplishment for me and helped me set bigger goals for the rest of my collegiate career.

Q: Why do you enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger?

A: I enjoy being a Tiger because of the community that surrounds all of Wittenberg. Everyone here loves Wittenberg and is just as obsessed with life here as you are and there is never ending support that really makes you feel at home.

Q: To you, what does it mean to Tiger Up?

A: Tiger Up means to put your best foot forward, give 100% and really represent yourself, and Wittenberg in the best way that you can.

Q: What is your favorite place on campus (to hangout, socialize, etc.)?

A: My favorite place on campus would probably be Post 95 because they provide the necessary fuel to my existence....... coffee.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your sport that is applicable to life?

A: Nothing is ever going to go perfect, or how you expect it to go. When things make a wrong turn, or you fall over a hurdle, you have to get up, keep going, and make the very best out of the situation. And the result will be exactly what it's supposed to be in the end, and you can be happy with it.

Q: What do you see yourself doing after Witt?

A: I see myself living in the beautiful Springfield community for a brief time before I become a famous Sport Reporter.

Q: After your time at Wittenberg, how will you pass the light on to others?

A: I will always be a positive person with a lot of energy. I like to find the best in every situation and help others do the same. No matter where I end up I know that I will continue to do that.

Q: How did you get involved in your sport? (When did you get involved in your sport? Why did you get involved in your sport?

A: I was a cheerleader my first year in high school and wanted to be involved in something a little more competitive, so when cheer ended I chose a Spring sport I knew I could do, and ended up really loving it! Then the hurdle coach thought my cheer flexibility would pay off over the hurdles, so I tried it and ended up loving track even more because I was actually good at an event! And that is the reason I ended up at Wittenberg so I honestly owe it all to the freshman cheerleading team.

Written By: Carley Sullivan