Q & A With Dr. Gary, featuring Matt Briskey, Men's Volleyball

Matt Briskey ’16, Men’s Volleyball, Business Finance, Chinese, and Economics major



Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt?

A: I will always remember the day that Gary Williams told me that men's volleyball was going to be a varsity sport.  I was ecstatic because I never thought I'd get the opportunity to play at such a high level again.  But a lot of my Wittenberg volleyball memories are still being created because we are still in season.  


Q: To you, what does it mean to Tiger Up?

A: To me, Tigering up is the combination of execution and teamwork.  It stresses both individual performance and team cohesion to work together as a singular unit.  It is about individuals giving their all for the benefit of the team.  


Q: What is your favorite place on campus (to hangout, socialize, etc.)?

A: This is a rather unusual answer but I still really enjoy the CDR.  Not only is there free food (thanks mom and dad) but eating there allows me catch up with people I wouldn't see elsewhere.  


Q: What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your sport that is applicable to life?

A: I would definitely say sports teach you resiliency.  The ability to bounce back from a loss or a bad performance in sports is critical to success and the same can be said for life in general.  Rocky so eloquently summed it up when he said, "It ain't how hard you're hit; it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."  


Q: What do you see yourself doing after Witt?

A: After graduation, I want to work in the finance industry or get a job related to international business.  Eventually, I want to get my MBA or my Masters of Finance after I have a few years of work experience.  


Q: After your time at Wittenberg, how will you pass the light on to others?

A: I believe passing the light on to others is a lifelong journey.  The lessons I have learned through academics, athletics, and social activities during my time at Wittenberg has been transformative.  There have been so many people that have had a positive impact on my life here at Wittenberg and I hope to have the same positive impact on people throughout the rest of my life.  

                                                               Compiled by: Carley Sullivan ’16, SWA Student Assistant