Q & A with Dr. Gary, Featuring Will Cousins, Baseball

Will Cousins ’16, Baseball, Communication Major


Q: What is your favorite class experience/ professor experience at Wittenberg?

A: My favorite class experience here was getting the opportunity to attend the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con with Dr. Smith and Dr. Cunningham.


Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt?

A: My most memorable sports moment here was hitting a walk-off against Ohio Wesleyan on senior day my junior season, and having the entire team celebrate the win on the field.


Q: Why do you enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger?

A: I enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger because the community and support here that everyone has for each other. 


Q: To you, what does it mean to Tiger Up?

A: Tiger Up means that you're going to give 110%, it means that your effort won't be in question no matter the situation you are in.


Q: What is your favorite place on campus (to hangout, socialize, etc.)?

A: My favorite place to hang out on campus is anywhere where my teammates are at. I enjoy hanging out with my teammates every chance I get whether it's at my house or one of their houses.


Q: What do you see yourself doing after Witt?

A: I see myself continuing my baseball career no matter what level I play at.  I also see myself moving back home to Boston to pursue a job.


Q: How did you get involved in your sport? (When did you get involved in your sport? Why did you get involved in your sport?)

 A: I've played baseball for as long as I can remember.  I got involved because my dad and I used to walk to the baseball field that was down the street from my house to watch the little league games, and after that we would walk home and watch the Red Sox on TV. I was always fascinated by watching the players. I started by just playing catch and tee ball in the backyard with my dad.  Since then there hasn't been a spring or summer that I haven't played baseball.