Q&A with Dr. Gary - Zack Moore

Zack Moore

Zack Moore - Senior, Men's Soccer F, Business Marketing major

Q & A with Dr. Gary-11/6/15

Q: What is your favorite class experience/ professor experience at Witt ?  

 A: The best class I ever experienced at Wittenberg was Mysteries of Self and Soul, Don Reed was the teacher. The class itself was fairly difficult and I would have never taken it if I didn’t have to fulfill some sort of gen-ed requirement. I am glad I did though; it gave me new insight into myself and a different way to think about the world around me it, and also allowed me the pleasure of meeting Dr. Reed. He is an awesome professor and extremely intelligent individual.


Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt? 

 A: My most memorable sports moment at Witt was beating Wabash my sophomore year. We won on a last second goal from one of our seniors and it ended up being our first conference win that season. That was the first time I had experienced the feeling of a big conference win in college. I was hooked from then on.


Q: Why do you enjoy being a Wittenberg Tiger?

 A: Ironically enough soccer is only a small part of why I love being a Tiger. This campus is small in size, though sometimes stifling ultimately creates a family/community based environment like none other. I have had the opportunity to create a great many deep friendships with people in my time here, I value that greatly. As homecoming has just come and gone I can affirm that those friendships extend past the four years you have in college with the people around you.


Q: What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your sport that is applicable to life?

 A: Perseverance. Nothing is easy about being a college athlete. There is constant pressure to perform and get results and I can tell anyone in advance that things do not always go your way and that there will be ups and downs. You can separate truly strong people from the rest of the pack by what they do when the chips are down and things aren’t going their way. Perseverance is imperative to a college athlete’s survival.


Q: How did you get involved in your sport? (When did you get involved in your sport? Why did you get involved in your sport?)

A: I got involved at soccer at the age of 3 playing for the gray ghosts at the Dayton YMCA because my mom found me coloring all over my room in permanent marker one night and I got signed up the next day. The first age group that was offered for soccer was 5 years old so my mom lied about my age just to get me out of the house and moving around. I was pretty bad early on and I think that it ultimately led to me continuing to play. I hate when people are better than me at anything (unrealistic concept as there are a lot of things in the world to be good at) that being said becoming better at soccer became my main focus as a child. 18 years later I am playing in college.

Compiled By: Carley Sullivan '16, Senior Woman Administrator Student Assistant