Senior Megan Davis Joins In For Q & A With Dr. Gary

Each week during the school year, Wittenberg University Director of Athletics and Recreation Gary Williams interviews a Tiger student-athlete for a special website feature called "Q&A with Dr. Gary."

Special thanks to Andy Elliot '19 for his hard work putting the feature together this week.

Q & A with Dr. Gary, Featuring Megan Davis, Women's Soccer

Q: How would you describe the athletic culture/environment at Wittenberg?

The Wittenberg athletic culture is very competitive and supportive. We are all pushed to be our best on and off the field, as well as support not only our teammates but the entire athletic community.

Q: What is your most memorable sports moment at Witt?

My most memorable sports moment at Witt was definitely my sophomore year when we got to host the NCAA tournament. We had a tough loss to Denison in conference finals so it was an amazing feeling just to get a bid into the tournament, let alone host it. It was also great seeing the enormous amount of support from the Wittenberg community.

Q: What made Wittenberg your choice as opposed to other schools?

I chose Wittenberg because I immediately felt like I was at home. From the first visit, I instantly felt comfortable and the team felt like family. Wittenberg was the first school I visited and I was so set on coming here that my parents actually had to force me to visit other schools.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat on campus? (CDR, Post, etc.)

I typically cook meals at home with my roommate, Missy, but I do enjoy going to CDR every once in a while when I don’t feel like cooking. 

Q: What are you studying at Witt and why does it interest you?

I am studying Biology. I’ve always known I wanted to work in the medical field and enjoy working with kids, so I would love to work as a nurse in a pediatric unit. I plan on getting a nursing degree after I graduate from Witt, so majoring in biology has really helped prepare me for my next round of school.

Q: Who is someone outside of athletics that has made the most significant impact on your Wittenberg experience and why?

Someone outside of athletics that has helped me a lot over the past few years is my adviser, Dr. Collier. He has always made sure I was on track with my major, as well as helping me prepare for graduate school.

Q: If you could play any other sport, what would it be and why?

If I could play another sport I would play volleyball because I love how fast-paced the game is. My mom also played varsity volleyball in high school and the last few summers we’ve played sand volleyball in a league together.

Q: Who is your favorite Wittenberg athlete and why?

I love all my teammates, past and present, but one that really stands out to me is Kristin Stein. She’s been through a lot injury-wise the past two years but is still one of the most positive people I know.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Wittenberg Tiger?

To me being a Wittenberg Tiger means always giving 110% and doing whatever it takes to support your teammates.  

Q: What kind of music do you listen to before a game, tournament, etc. (Favorite artists, songs, albums)

Usually, before games, I like to listen to Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj, but once we get into the locker room its whatever is playing on the speaker.

Q: How did you start in your sport?

I started playing rec soccer when I was about 6 years old, along with softball. As I started playing more competitively I had to choose between the two and ultimately stuck with soccer. In 1st grade, I began playing club soccer, which continued all throughout high school, and by freshman year I knew I wanted to play college soccer.  

Q: Who professionally is your favorite player in your sport?

Someone I’ve always strived to play like is Abby Wambach. Her competitiveness and intensity on the field was like none other and something I always admired. She was always willing to give everything, often times at the expense of her own body, to support her team and help them succeed.