A Letter From Dan Hipsher

A letter from Dan Hipsher

Head Coach at Wittenberg (1989-93)

Wittenberg University is the most successful program in the history of Division III basketball with over 1600 wins.  Each and every individual associated with each and every victory can take great pride in that fact. Whether you were a coach, player, student coach, manager, trainer, or statistician you made a great contribution to a legendary program. You can take great satisfaction in having been part of a program that has achieved at the highest level.

The great success you achieved on the court is only overshadowed by the day to day journey you experienced as a student athlete at Wittenberg.  The practices (early and late), conditioning, tournaments, road trips, summer camps, roommates, coach/player rants and championships…the good times and the hard times…these are just a few of the experiences that not only bring a smile to your face, but helped to shape your values and character.

These same experiences and opportunities need to remain in existence for the future generations of Wittenberg Tigers.  Tough economic times continue to pressure universities fiscally.  Athletic Departments at all levels are experiencing the numbers crunch budgetarily.  Please keep the Wittenberg Men’s Basketball Program in your mind and heart through giving back not just emotionally but also financially if at all possible.  The “Men’s Basketball Endowment Fund” was created to fill in the gaps being created by fiscal cuts.  It helps to support all phases of the program in consistently remaining among the elite of NCAA Division III basketball.

Let’s give the future Tigers the same experiences and opportunities that we all cherished!


Dan Hipsher
Associate Head Coach
Oakland University 

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