A Letter From Former Head Coach Larry Hunter

A letter from Larry Hunter

Assistant Coach at Wittenberg (1973-76) and Head Coach (1976-1989).

There are only a small number of institutions, regardless of NCAA division of play, that can match the great tradition and remarkably consistent success of the Wittenberg University basketball program.  It is indeed quite unique and very special. The wins, the conference regular season and tournament championships, the NCAA tournament appearances, the Final Fours, and the National Championships combined with all the individual player accolades speak loudly to the great tradition.

However, as we all can attest, the Wittenberg basketball experience embodies so much more.  It is about being a true student-athlete, about earning your degree and about preparing yourself for the life experiences ahead.  What many of us did not fully realize when we first arrived on campus was just how much hard work and competitive fire it would take to just survive and contribute.  The experience is all about TEAM and working to be the BEST you can be.  Your work habits, commitment, drive, heart, toughness, passion, and beliefs were challenged at levels you did not know you possessed.  Right from the beginning, you learned to discipline yourself the right way and to deal with and overcome adversity with great poise and composure.  Through the experience your character was shaped and molded in such a way that is has become a priceless benefit that continues to push you over any obstacle you ever encounter.  You became a man.  Along the way you created some wonderful memories, had a lot of fun, developed some great friendships, and became a leader and a winner.

My sixteen years at Wittenberg remain the highlight of my coaching career.  Hardly a day goes by that I do not count my blessings for the experience and opportunity that Wittenberg provided.  As an alumnus or friend of the basketball program it is incumbent upon us to help assure that future Tigers will be able to grow and share many of our experiences.  The Basketball Endowment Fund has been created to help assure the competitive future of the program.  Please consider pledging your financial support to preserve this hollowed tradition that you and others were a part and helped continue.


Larry Hunter
Men’s Basketball Coach
Western Carolina University

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